Zoe Kalapos

Halfpipe Snowboarder  

Rankings:  USA #3; International: #21 

“What I love about snowboarding is the creativity and freedom it gives me. Whenever I am boarding, nothing else matters. Snowboarding lets you put your own style and twist on your riding... I love escaping to the mountain and riding my snowboard however I want.” 

When Zoe isn’t throwing a Fakie or a Poptart, or competing on the DEW Tour (where she finished 4th at the Women’s modified half pipe) you can find her hiking and adventuring through the mountains in Salt Lake City. A self-described fun, flirty and festive rider (the 3 F’s), Zoe spends her winters training out at Avon, Colorado listening to Future, Migos and Travis Scott while riding. 

Like many snowboarders Zoe started skiing at 2 but switched to snowboarding at the age of 5 when she begged her Dad to teach her. Being the only snowboarder on their home mountain Zoe would watch her Dad in awe and luckily her pestering paid off as she made the switch – safe to say she has not looked back. (A special thanks to Zoe’s Dad for being such a legend!) 

After a ride you can catch Zoe sipping on a chai latte with extra cinnamon or a hot chocolate, stretching, eating lots of yummy healthy food, reading and cuddling her 13-year-old Labradoodle. FYI this poochie has some serious street cred as he joins Zoe at training days and pipcompetitions. 

No doubt Zoe is one to watch and is making some serious noise on the pipe. She supports animal welfare and environmental social causes and is a beautiful human inside and out! We know Zoe is just scratching the surface of her potential and we are so proud to have her on the ROJO team.   

Zoe's favorite styles 

“It is one of the warmest, most comfortable winter coats I have ever owned! God bless ROJO for that.” 

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