Hollie Arsenault


#1 in her Mum’s heart 

There is nothing quite like hot chocolate & powder days”  

Based in Rossland BC, Canada Hollie did not have a choice when it came to skiing. Her parents had her on the sticks before she could walk and her Dad would to take her out of her on mountain day care to run some hot laps at lunchtime…what a legend 

A true outdoor gal in winter she’s skiing & hiking and has a new love for snowmobiling. In the summertime you can catch Hollie mountain biking at the lake, camping and roasting marshmallows. Oh yeah, also wake surfing, wakeboarding, knee boarding and tubing! 

You may recognise Hollie from our imagery but this lady is not just a pretty face! “Growing up in a very small and isolated Canadian community I’ve grown up and realised the huge amounts of racism, homophobia and general intolerance that goes unchecked and unrecognized in our area. Through this I have tried my best to educate myself and others in the direction of being and becoming BLM, Indigenous Rights and LGBTQ+ advocates.” This girl will move mountains! 

Hollie's favorite styles: 

“As someone who has been lucky enough to see the upcoming/unreleased ROJO gear I can say the best is yet to come… That being said, I have always been a huge fan of ROJO beanies, they never go out of style”.  

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