Emily McGettigan


“I love surfing because I am always improving, and I get to hang out with friends.” 

Although she is only 14 years old and has been surfing competitively for about 7 years – half her lifeEmily splits her time between Torquay and Byron surfing year round no matter the weather chasing the surf, sun and waterfalls. Her favourite spots to surf are: Jan Juc, Winki, Broken Head and Snapper and loves to throw a back hand rio and a cheeky forehand carve. 

In 2019 Em made the quarterfinals for the Australian Junior Surfing Titles in Western Australia and is a self-described girly, flowy and powerful surfer 

Emily is also a proud supporter of environmental causes like “Fight for the bight”.  

Emily's favorite styles: 

“The jackets are great to put over my wetsuit to keep me warm in between surfs and I love the colours. I also love the hoodies and jumpers because they match with everything and are really comfortable.”  

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