Bridie Rawson

Aussie skier ft. tough tits (co.)

“I love the adrenaline rush and the absolute stoke you share when riding with your mates”.

Bridie is a two-stick kind of chick and learnt to ski when she 7 on a family trip to Mount Buller; “I still remember looking down Bourke Street and bawling my eyes out in fear after leaving the bunny hill for the first time. I had to ski between mums legs, but the second I realised I could do it myself I slipped out and sped off down the hill leaving poor mum behind. From that second I was addicted.”  

Perhaps best known at Perisher for skiing and jumper over REALLY big spring sink holes, Bridie’s self-described riding style is as smooth as smooth peanut butter and loves to listen to a bit of ABBA, disco and Sunny by Boney M when riding, “It just gets my blood pumping”.

Her favourite place her sport has taken her is Lake Louise, “I’d look up at the view some days at work and drool would start to trickle down my chin.” When this chick is not on the mountain you can catch her surfing and hiking with a Iced long black in her hand.

When asked what social causes Birdie supports, she replied; “RU OK, B4BC and Disabled Winterspots Australia all do some really cool sh*t. I’m really passionate about empowering women in the snow too and currently in the process of starting Tough Tits Co! A project aimed to inspire, empower and promote women behind the scenes and on the front line of the Aussie snow scene. We’ve got some really exciting stuff planning for this season! Wahoo!” 

Favourite ROJO styles: 

“Oh man, anything they’ve got with leopard just tickles my taste buds. Yum.”

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