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They’re fast, strong, dressed in lycra … and a rare sight in Australia. Junior national team member Katerina Paul writes about loving a sport no one understands, the struggle for recognition and support, and how they’re working to recruit more girls into cross-country skiing. Cross-country skiing: huge in Scandinavia, growing in the United States of America, and Australia? Well I could name almost all the skiers I compete against in the Southern Hemisphere, not very popular to say the least. Whenever I’m asked about what sport I do, people give me a look of confusion. Growing up in a country...

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Spain was epic, great experience and people. The weather was pretty bad just before the pipe event which meant the pipe was crap (guys couldn't throw anything more than a 7 haha)! So I fell both runs which was disappointing, but was heaps happy with how everything was going since my last pipe comp was over 12 months ago! The slope comp was the funnest, it was aired live on Eurosport TV so Im trying to find a replay of it! Finished 8th, but was in 4th after first runs, so I was stoked! The next World Cup in Canada...

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