Jessika Jensen

USA Olympic snowboarder

“I love the playful, flowy feeling beneath my feet. I like to express my own creativity and style through snowboarding. I am so grateful for all the experiences I have had to travel the world and meet new friends along the way because of snowboarding”.

Jessika admittedly first learned to snowboard as, “it was the cool thing to do, all my friends were doing it”. Clearly, she hasn’t looked back since first strapping in and has since represented the states in two Olympics!

A self-described fun and free rider, you can catch Jess throwing a backside 720 at resorts across Idaho/Utah. Although she writes that her local mountains, “are my home” she notes, “I love travelling and exploring new places in the backcountry especially with my Timbersled! My favourite place is the Grand Teton Range in Wyoming! I can always find the goods and untouched stashes there!”

Like a true mountain lover, over the summer you can catch Jess mountain and dirt bike riding, rock climbing, wake boarding and adventuring all with her friends.

Favourite ROJO styles:

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