Caycee Stratten

Halfpipe snowboarder  

3rd USASA National Championship halfpipe 

“I love snowboarding because it gives me a sense of freedom and adrenaline. Most of all it’s fun and provides a great community to be a part of!” 

Growing up Strat’s family was always very snow orientated, she was originally a skier however, her super cool cousins thankfully threw her on a snowboard when she was about 10 and she’s been shredding ever since. 

She loves throwing a Tamedog (front flip) in the pipe and it comes as no surprise that her self-described riding style is adventurous, stylishand fast. Strat’s favourite place to ride is Copper Mountain, Colorado; “The parks, the pipe, the village and the people are awesome there”. She also loves Cardrona, New Zealand for the same reason.  

When she isn’t on the mountain you can catch Caycee surfing, on a trampoline, playing Frisbee golf in Jindy, getting a hot choccie, and hanging out with friends. Her riding playlist is dependant on her mood and what she is doing; “If it’s a chill mountain day, just cruising around, I’ll be listening to Lime Cordiale, Jungle Giants or Ocean Alley. On competition or training days I listen to Fischer, ACDC and Valentino Khan.” 

To top it off, Caycee is also a proud environmental supporter; “I strongly support looking after our environment and reducing my carbon footprint. I recently swam with turtles in Indonesia and saw first-hand how the pollution was affecting their home. I am big on keeping our oceans clean and I follow the motto ‘Take 3 for the sea’; picking up at least 3 pieces of rubbish whenever I’m at the beach.” 

Caycee's favorite styles:

“It’s so hard to pick a favourite as everything I own of ROJO is amazing! One of my favourite ROJO products is the Va Va Boom Pant as it’s so stretchy and allows me to move freely and easily. Another favourite of mine is the Sherpa ¼ zip jacket. It’s so warm and looks so good! I also think their outerwear is extremely functional. I genuinely think that ROJO is one of the best snow apparel brands out there!”  

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