Carrie Ives


Queen of the Mountain, Falls 2016 

“Snowboarding is the perfect combination of Dance, Gymnastics and board sports. It is the ultimate creative outlet; the people are all legends too”.  

Carrie’s riding style is fast & excited with with a smile! This lovely lady has also been known to pop a Method here and there. She loves exploring the Australian backcountry and its “endless beauty” but her fav snowy destination is Nozawa Onsen, Japan.  

In the summertime you can find Carrie with a Soy Chai in hand and surfing in her hometown of Torquayand if that fails, you can find her outside on an adventure of some sort or hanging with her super cool cat Starlord 

Her music choice is described as a “can of wormsconsisting of mostly hip hop when she is riding but as music is such a big part of her life she never sticks to just one genre. 

Oh hey, one more thing before we go, this beauty is a big environmental activist; “Supporting a sustainable future is huge for me. I am always trying to stay informed and well-practiced in ways of reducing my personal footprint and there are always ways to make sure our own backyards are not suffering due to a lack of initiative. It makes you feel good to know you have made a positive difference, more people should do that.” 

Carrie's favorite styles: 

“The Main Street Microfleece for sure! I have it in 2 colours and counting and wear them all the time.“ 

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